10 curious facts about short films

Like any other film genre, short film has gathered some curious facts throughout its history. 16 hidden messages in a short film, 50 people in less than 25 m2, 35.000 Euro for a single frame – these are just a few unusual details for a 3 or 15 minutes film. These short films will make your rethink everything you knew about cinema.

Fast Film300 action films in 14 minutes full of suspense (d.  Virgil Widrich, Austria/Germany/Luxembourg, 2003)

The Spirit of Christmasa greeting short movie behind a South Park episode (d. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, SUA, 1994)

Memories of Scanner the movie made with a scanner (d. Damon Stea, SUA, 2009)

Grand Hotel Italiaa short film with 50 people in less than 25 m2 (d. Rodi Cotenescu, Romania, 2011)

Cashbackthe story that has been more successful as a short film, than as a feature film (d. Sean Ellis, Great Britain, 2004)


The Thomas Beale Cipher a short film with 16 hidden messages (d. Andrew S Allen, SUA, 2011)

Panic Attacka short film that what can be done with 300$ (d. Fede Alvarez, Uruguay, 2009)

Khodahow about every time you put pause to a film, a picture would appear? (d. Reza Dolatabadi, Great Britain, 2008)

Before Dawnover 35.000 Euros for a single frame (d. Balint Kenyeres, Hungary, 2005)

Logoramathe world in 2500 logos (d. H5, France, 2009)

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ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

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