ShortsUP Urban Adventures

You cross the street eating a hotdog while you’re reading the e-mails on your smart phone. You reach a new intersection and you can’t stop staring at that girl who’s walking her cat in a leash. An ambulance brings you back to the real world, on your way to the office. You leave behind a noisy group of people, wasting their time in front of an abandoned house and you start thinking about the concert tonight.

Every typical urban scene could be a narrative core of a short movie. And sometimes it is – every time an ordinary situation turns into an adventure.

ShortsUP – Urban Adventures is the event where you can watch urban themed short movies:Donde esta Kim Basinger (d. Edouard Deluc, France, 2009), I Love Luci (d. Colin Kennedy, Great Britain, 2010), Obras (d. Hendrick Dusollier, France, 2004).

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