ShortsUP Evening @Humanitas bookstore

Over the last 4 years, ShortsUP brought short movies in underground locations, under the blue sky or inside the most prestigious cultural institutions. At the beginning  of August, short films come to life among books, during 3 themed evenings hosted by Humanitas bookstore:  animation night, fantasy night and Romanian shorts night.

Serile ShortsUP Humanitas

To be seen: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (d. William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg, SUA, 2011), A Morning Stroll (d. Grant Orchard, Great Britain, 2011), In the Fishbowl (d. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania, 2013), Fais Comme Chez Toi (d. Gautier About, France, 2007). Every evening there will be an open debate with film critics, journalist or playwrights guests.

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