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8 experimental short films that will make your imagination explode

When the artistic languages mix, the experience that reaches the audience is different and challenging. The short film has always been the ultimate “playground” for artists of all kind. Short movie is the place where film is freely combined with visual arts, digital art, music or photography. From Bunuel’s ‘’Un Chien Andalou’’ to  Jamie Travis’s ‘’Patterns’’, the experimental aesthetics of short film evolves and the innovation has no limits.

The following selection is  a short trip guided by 8 experimental short films that engage your imagination.

Un Chien Andalou (d. Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali, France, 1928)

Voice Over (d. Martin Rosete, Spain, 2011)

Films4space: Anthony Goicolea (d. Anthony Goicolea, 2013)

Please Say Something (d. David O’Reilly, Germany/Ireland, 2008)

Patterns (d. Jamie Travis, Canada, 2005)

Waste (d. Anton Groves, Damian Groves, 2012)

What I have to offer (d. Eliot Rausch, Marea Britanie, 2012)

Sniffer (d. Bobbie Peers, Norway, 2006)

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ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

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