ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

1.General information

Submitting a short movie to the ShortsUp preselection implies the acceptance of this regulations. Please submit the movie only if you agree to the rules stated below and only if you hold the public screening rights for the film.

The movie registration is done exclusively online, through this form. If the movie is selected, a digital copy at maximum quality should be sent to the organisers. The projection is exclusively digital.

The ShortsUP Competition section will include cinematic productions with a length between 1 and 30 minutes. (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, video).


ShortsUP Audience Award (1500 Euro), to be offered to one of the selected films in the competition.

  1. Preselection criteria:

In order to be taken into consideration, a registered movie should meet the following conditions:

– was produced after the 1st of January, 2016;

– has won a prize offered by a jury made up of cinema professionals (other public awards will not be taken into account);

– has a duration between 1 minute and 30 minutes;

– the minimum accepted quality is HD;

– doesn’t infringe copyright

  1. Personal data:

By registering the movie, you accept the use of your contact information in the following circumstances:

– for contacting the authors of a selected movie, communicating the results of the selection, sending the file, sending the invitation to the festival;

– for announcing the registration opening for any future ShortsUP competitions.

  1. Final provisions:

By accepting this regulations and submitting your movie for the preselection, you certify that:

– you have read and accepted all the information in this text;

– you own all the rights for the film and the film does not violate the legal provisions on intellectual property rights;

– you take full responsibility for the content of the movie and any legal consequences resulting from copyright infringement;

– you agree to the use of information and images you provided when you signed up, of images from the selected movie and a fragment of the selected movie (under 30 seconds) for informative, cultural or promotion purposes, in all media, before, during and after the festival.

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