On how to experiment with a First Date: 5 short films

Some may blow your mind, other may give you a good story to tell to your grandchildren, some may not move you a bit. First Dates have always been a great inspiration for filmmakers. No matter how it ends, don’t forget to enjoy what life gives you. A first contact with a total stranger can be your next best experience.

Here are 5 short films with the golden rules of first-dating – a rewarding but sometimes dangerous sport. Good luck with that!

First Time (d. Adam Wimpenny, Marea Britanie, 2010)

A sophisticated lady and a shy young man in a hotel room. The first time is unforgettable. Starring: Nina Young and Demitri Leonidas.

Nuit Blanche (d. Arev Manoukian, Canada, 2009)

The meeting between two strangers, a bubbly moment portrayed in a surrealist fantastic short.

Upstairs (d. Shawn Wines, SUA, 2012)

If we were all honest on first dates, dating would become an extreme sport with unexpected consequences.

Dinner and a movie (d. Ben Aston, UK, 2013)

Lovestruck Randy gets more than he bargained for when he finally gets to meet his prison pen pal Crystal.

You there? (r. Assemblage of Nouns Productions LLC, SUA, 2013)

How hard can it be to create a real human connection in a Facebook-dominated world?

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