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Things can go wrong even when the intentions are noble. At first it’s all fun and games: you build a prank, you laugh and joke about it and everything is under control – until the drama comes in. The Australian director and stuntman Nash Edgerton really knows how to explore black humor in his short films. After the success of his short Spider, he decided to launch another film with the same characters but a different context.

Both films are absurd and dangerously funny, but you have to be prepared for unexpected turns. After discovering Nash Edgerton shorts you will surely think twice before performing any pranks on your friends. Enjoy!

Spider (d. Nash Edgerton, Australia, 2007)
# top awarded, # 10 minutes  #comedy, #drama

Bear (d. Nash Edgerton, Australia, 2011)
# bittersweet, # 10minutes, # comedy, # drama

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