Expat-friendly film event on Saturday

Dynamic urban challenge. Short films under 10 minutes awarded at Berlin, Cannes, Sundance and European Film Awards will be projected at ShortsUP At the Speed of Light, on Saturday, November 10th. The selection includes stories of characters living in hasty cities around the world. The film lovers can look forward for comedies – hilarious, ironic or… black.
With over 20 international awards (among which at Sundance and Palm Springs), the British short „Soft”(directed by Simon Ellis) captures the emotional confrontation between a father and his fear at the worst possible time. Next is Irish „Frankie” (d. Darren Thornton), which won, among others, a trophy in Berlin and one at the European Film Awards. Frankie is 15 years old and preparing for fatherhood, but as days go by, he starts to realize how impossible his life will be. ShortsUP program also includes New Zealand short nominated in Cannes, „Nothing special” (d. Helena Brooks), about a young boy tormented by his mother’s conviction that he is the new Messiah. The films that are not spoken in English will have Enghlish subtitles.

The experience will wrap up with the live performance of the Austrian band Sofa Surfers. Their 6th album, „Superluminal” (2012), highly critically acclaimed, will be heard life for the first time in Romania. Themes like  empathy and disorientation influenced by technology and speed, also to be found in single „World In A Matchbox”, already played by Romanian radio stations and well-known throughout Europe. Trip-hop will combine with electro, rock, indie and soul sounds, all powered by visuals signed Timo Novotny. See Sofa Surfers show spot.

Tickets for the entire ShortsUP experience can be purchased via MyTicket and Eventim, for 40 lei. At the gate entrance the price is 50 lei. Turbohalle will open at 19.30, films start at 20.00 and the concert at 22.00. For further details, please visit www.facebook.com/ShortsUPRomania.

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