5 Short Films about LOVE (PART I)

Love is an endless source of inspiration for directors everywhere, as well as the starting point for various stories about life, universe, limits, travels and reunions. We gathered 5 different short films with butterflies in the stomach, heartbeats and handshakes. A perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Thrush (D. Gabriel Bisset-Smith, Graham Turner, Great Britain, 2009) 

Any relationship has its own lifecycle… on Facebook. You capture beautiful moments, you forget unpleasant moments, you get over uninteresting moments – you direct your own adventure, and nothing can stop you. This, until when reality hits you, while you’re still engaged in the digital fantasy. This is the 5-minute story of any modern couple.

Brainstorming (D. David Freymond, France, 2009)

A short film Matrix that raises a difficult question: is sex on the first date a deadly sin?

Lavatory Love Story (D. Konstantin Bronzit, Russia, 2007)

A housemaid discovers that she has a secret admirer, who won’t unveil his identity. This short film was nominated for Oscar.

The Voyagers (D. Penny Lane, USA, 2010)

More than a documentary, The Voyagers reflects on the moment when human spirit meets the world without end, the unknown and love.

Foolishly Seeking True Love (D. Jarrett Lee Conaway, USA, 2009) 

True love means endless searching. On the streets of LA, in bars, coffee shops or taxis. Handsome and Belle have all the chances to fall in love, as long as fate doesn’t interfere.

More awesome short films available online at www.shortsup.ro/shortfilms

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