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Why we love the charm of short stories

For those of you who cannot go to sleep without hearing a story or for those who can’t get to work without a little bit of inspiration, we created, a platform where we recommend the shorts that matter. Here are the most popular 10 short films on our website, according to your views, likes and share. Enjoy it!


  1. La Luna – a short film from PIXAR, with stardust and magic
  2. Gypsy Interiors – a short movie describing the gypsy culture
  3. Paperman – the winner of the Oscar for the best short film
  4. Singing Christmas Hedgehogs – one of the first interactive short films made by Bird Box Studios
  5. For those who are born to create drama – it’s not necessary to be dramatic when you talk about drama
  6. Lie Detector – a comedy about lies and accepting their consequences
  7. Brainstorming – a ‘’Matrix’’ of short films which raises one uncomfortable question: is sex on first date an unforgivable sin?
  8. Alma – an animation where the imagination and the excellent execution compensates that there’s no happy end
  9. Picasso Baby – a short film destroying the boundaries between hip-hop and visual art
  10. After You – everything you can say about solitude, silence and smile in 2 minutes

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ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

1.General information Submitting a short movie to the ShortsUp preselection implies the acceptance of this regulations. Please submit the movie…
Winter playlist

Winter playlist

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