Self-portraits narrated in 10 short films

10 directors began a journey to find their selves, using various tools and languages, and we got 10 short films with and about self-portraits, across some very intriguing eras of cinema history.

Self: we discover it by talking about it, by looking in a mirror, by analyzing old family photos or by deconstructing a vice. Self-portrait is a vast cinematography domain, as in is in any other form of art. The result? A hilarious or  #foodforthought story. Authenticity comes from intensely lived personal experiences.

*The full article may be read in the first printed issue of SUB25 –the Romanian urban magazine published twice a year by Asociatia Sub25. You will also find there a selection of short films themed TRIVIA

1.She’s a Fox (d. Cameron Sawyer, SUA, 2009). Short film for the ’80s fans.

2. Autoportret (d. Uros Krcadinac, Serbia, 2007)

3. The Voyagers (d. Penny Lane, SUA, 2010)

4. The End (d. Chris Landreth, Canada/SUA, 1995)

5.Multi-Facial (d. Vin Diesel, SUA, 1995)

6. At Land (d. Maya Deren, SUA, 1943)

7. Ten For Grandpa (d. Doug Karr, Canada, 2009)

8.Autoportret (d. Alina Marinescu, Romania, 2012)

9. Procrastination (d. Johnny Kelly, Marea Britanie, 2007)

10. Good Bye Mandima (d. Robert-Jan Lacombe, Elvetia, 2010)

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