Life at the Office in 5 short films

What does in take to make an ordinary day at the office become extraordinary? Watch these 5 short films to find the answer.

1. Friendsheep (d. Jaime Maestro, Spania, 2011).

2. Black Hole (d. Diamond Dogs, Marea Britanie, 2008).

3. Ham Sadwich (d. Dave Green, SUA, 2001).

4. Tanghi Argentini (d. Guy Thys, Belgia, 2006)

5. The Employment (d. Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso, Argentina, 2008).

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ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

ShortsUP Audience Award Regulations

1.General information Submitting a short movie to the ShortsUp preselection implies the acceptance of this regulations. Please submit the movie…
Winter playlist

Winter playlist

Three versions of a winter's tale.  1. Fait d'hiver (r. Dirk Beliën, Belgia, 2002).  2. Noreen (r. Domhnall Gleeson, Irlanda,…